Name: Bullet Rank
Price: 24.99 EUR

Bullet Rank
Purchasing the Bullet rank will grant you perks exclusive to Bullet.

???? Global Perks:
Queue Priority Access
Level 5 Queue Priority, bypass all ranks below you in the queue.
Exclusive Discord Role

⚔️ HCF Perks:
Keys: 15 Deck Keys, 10 Royale Keys, 5 Queen Keys, 5 King Keys, 3 Summer Keys, 1 Ability Keys
Lives: 30 Soulbound Lives, 30 Friend Lives
Reduced deathban; 10 Minute Deathban. Default deathban is 45 Minutes
Access to Bullet, Diamond & Miner Kit.
/craft, /rename, ability to revive a friend every 10 minutes by using /bullet revive {username}.

???? KitMap Perks:
• Reclaim
Keys: TBD Keys
• Exclusive Kit
/kit Donator every 15 minutes.

UHC Perks:
• Pre-Whitelist
• All Arrow/Rod cosmetics
• Access to /disguise